How to Hire a Lawyer for a Sexual Harassment Case

It may be that you are finding yourself in a situation for the first time in your life needing legal counsel due to sexual harassment but do not know what step to take. We encourage you to seek out legal counsel to advise you on how to proceed. We provide compassionate and effective guidance tailored to your goals and sensitive to your situation.

How to Hire a Sexual Harassment Lawyer?

We find clients and clients find us through the free and confidential consultation process. If you were fired as a consequence of sexual harassment at work because you were a victim of sexual harassment or a witness who supported a victim, a lawyer can guide you and discuss the viability of bringing a case and other legal options. Please reach out for a free consultation. A phone call or an in person meeting gives us a chance to learn about you and your situation and decide whether to proceed with establishing an attorney-client relationship. We will also give you resources and referrals if necessary.

While sexual harassment lawyers do not work on a pro bono basis, we recognize that victims of sexual harassment cannot pay for fees. We therefore accept cases on a contingency basis. This means you are not responsible for fees unless we win or obtain a settlement.

Do not wait until you are terminated to speak to an attorney. If you find yourself facing sexual harassment at work, you may need guidance as to how to navigate this hostile and uncomfortable situation. During the consultation, you may learn about how the law’s protections should be utilized, and steps that may be useful to you.

If it appears that legal action is necessary, we will discuss formal representation and go over the necessary forms and processes.

What Kind of Lawyer Do I Need for a sexual Harassment Case?

The lawyer you need is a lawyer with a specialized focus:

  • A lawyer that prosecutes claims brought under California and/or Federal civil rights statutes and related laws is most qualified to represent a victim of sexual harassment. The Fair Employment and Housing Act (“FEHA”) is California’s state law that protects employees from sexual harassment as well as other unlawful practices in the workplace such as discrimination. The federal counterpart is Title VII of the Civil Rights Act. Depending on your case, California’s whistleblower statutes also may apply to protect victims of sexual harassment from retaliation who object to sexual harassment. Please see our sexual harassment page for various laws and protections that may apply to you.
  • Lawyers may refer to themselves as “employee rights lawyers,” “sexual harassment lawyers,” or “civil rights attorneys.”

The lawyer you need is also a lawyer that has time for you and your case:

  • An attorney-client relationship is a partnership. We believe a positive working relationship between advocate and client substantially contributes to a successful outcome.
  • Before executing an attorney-client agreement, it may be wise for you to know how you will be able to get in touch with your lawyer directly, how often you will be in touch, and the purpose and frequency of interactions with your legal counsel and the legal process.

Our goal is to frequently communicate with clients to take the stress and confusion out of the process and to gain your valuable input and insights about you and your workplace.

Why Hire a Specialized Sexual Harassment Lawyer Rather Than a General Practitioner with a Big Practice?

There are specific evidentiary and burden of proof standards that apply to sexual harassment cases. Special considerations that Courts have recognized are necessary to evaluate a case that a general practitioner without requisite experience may not be aware of and/or not know how to effectively use or keep abreast of changes in the law.

When to Hire a Sexual Harassment Lawyer?

You should hire a lawyer at your earliest opportunity. Your employer is not acting alone. Employers likely have a sexual harassment defense in-house attorney and/or outside counsel advising and assisting on building a file against you or protecting the employer’s interests. You likewise should have an advocate in your corner to empower you and guide you on navigating the situation as well as gathering important evidence you can use in the internal complaint process or to protect your professional reputation and claims if the matter proceeds to litigation.

Please consider hiring an attorney at your earliest opportunity in the following situations:

  • Your employer asks you to sign a severance agreement that includes a release of all claims including any sexual harassment or claims arising from your employment.
      • You may diminish the value of your severance package if you try to negotiate on your own and reach out to a sexual harassment attorney only after your efforts failed or did not bear the fruit that you wanted. An attorney cannot always undo the consequences of what was said or unsaid or gain back the leverage you had.
      • Of course if you find yourself in the former situation where your personal efforts failed you should still reach out to a lawyer.
  • You are wrongfully terminated as a consequence of sexual harassment
  • You are still employed but facing a hostile work environment as a consequence of sexual harassment and either stressed or thinking of quitting
  • You are still employed but have concerns as to how to proceed or what steps you should take in dealing with sexual harassment

Should I Still Contact a Sexual Harassment Lawyer if I Have Not Decided Whether to File a Lawsuit?

Yes. Lawyers do not just file lawsuits. We also provide guidance. Whether a lawsuit or an informal, confidential resolution is better suited is something that a lawyer may help you decide after learning of your unique situation. The avenue you take will depend on your goals and the facts and evidence you have. In some situations a confidential resolution may be just as lucrative and help you get your life and health back. We are available to help you weigh the options you have, contact us today.

We look forward to helping you!

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