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No one should have to go to work and be harassed. All employers have a legal obligation to prevent sexual harassment.

If you have been wrongfully terminated for discriminatory reasons, contact one of our Los Angeles pregnancy discrimination attorneys immediately.  You may be entitled to lost wages, front pay, as well as additional economic compensation for emotional distress and  medical costs.  To take advantage of all of your legal options, you must act quickly. California has strict deadlines for initiating legal action.

Pregnancy Discrimination Laws - Before and After Childbirth

In California, pregnant women have higher protections safeguarding them from workplace discrimination than other employees due to California’s policy of protecting families, women and their babies. These laws prohibit an employer from discriminating, retaliating, or harassing a woman because of pregnancy, childbirth, related condition or request for pregnancy/maternity leave. Despite these stringent protections, sexist attitudes emanating from traditional stereotypes about women, mothers, and a woman’s role at work still exist. Consequently, pregnant women are often discriminated against for requesting pregnancy/maternity leave at perhaps the most vulnerable time in their lives.

Pregnancy / Maternity Leave Discrimination Attorneys

If you suspect that you are being discriminated against at work because of your pregnancy, related condition, or pregnancy/maternity leave, your job might be at risk. Unless dealt with appropriately, discrimination will often escalate into a hostile work environment.

Contact one of our pregnancy / maternity leave discrimination attorneys for advice on what steps you can take that might save your job. While you might be caught in an employment once or twice in your life, employers have a lot more experience in handling these issues and typically engage human resources or legal counsel for assistance. Having an attorney similarly advising you on your rights will at least level the playing field with your employer.

How to Win a Maternity Leave Case

Demonstrating illegal discrimination is a challenge.  Overt forms of discrimination – such as offensive remarks – are not as common in the present day workplace as subtle, passive aggressive forms of discrimination that are just as harmful.  This is because employers attempt to hide their discriminatory conduct under the guise of legitimate business decisions such as company reorganizations and layoffs to avoid liability.  Pay special attention to whether there are true, legitimate business reasons justifying your employer’s alleged “business decisions.”
Special Note to Nursing Mothers: An employer must provide you with an appropriate space and reasonable amount of break time to nurse your baby, unless the break would seriously disrupt your employer’s operations. Labor Code 1030-1032
Although employers rarely make the mistake of putting a discriminatory reason in writing, pregnancy / maternity leave discrimination can be proven with indirect evidence.

Our Los Angeles Pregnancy Discrimination Attorneys are Here to Help

Our attorneys can help you identify and gather persuasive evidence of pregnancy / maternity leave discrimination to collaborate your potential claims against your employer.
Sexual harassment manifests itself in many forms. There are two general theories of harassment recognized by California courts.

If you have concerns that you are being treated unfairly at work or that you were terminated for discriminatory reasons, contact our pregnancy / maternity leave discrimination attorneys today.  We represent professionals and workers across all fields.  For more information about your employee rights, please visit the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH).

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