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Retaliation for Complaints of Workplace Safety is Illegal

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We Will Obtain ALL of Your Rightful Compensation

An employer cannot terminate you for an illegal reason including:

  • Discriminatory reasons (e.g., disability, CFRA/FMLA leave, pregnancy, age, race, gender, etc.);
  • Retaliatory reasons (e.g., whistleblowing, reporting unlawful practices, etc.);

We can help you obtain full recovery for your losses after. Contact our wrongful termination lawyers today. 

You are Entitled to the Same Chances and Opportunities at Work as Everyone Else

California prohibits discriminatory treatment on the basis of protected characteristics, such as:

  • Issues related to health like disability, requests for CFRA/FMLA leave, need for a medical accommodation, pregnancy, etc.;
  • Demographics like age, race, gender, national origin, religion, etc.

If you find yourself in this situation, you have legal options you can pursue. Contact our Los Angeles discrimination attorneys today.

The Law Rewards Whistleblowers for Speaking Up

If you are punished for standing up for yourself, you may have legal recourse if:

  • You reported suspect illegal activities (e.g., failure to pay wages, discrimination, etc.);.
  • In response, your employer took adverse action(s) against you (e.g., termination) or created a hostile work environment;
  • You suffered damages

No One Should Go to Work and Be Harassed

Sexual harassment remains common and it can manifest itself in different ways:

  • You are denied opportunities because you refused advances;
  • You are continually exposed to a hostile and offensive work environment;

An employer is not allowed to retaliate against you for making a complaint.

Are You or Have You Been Disabled? Know Your Employee Rights.

If you have a health issue, even if temporarily, your employer must:

  • Treat you the same as everyone else, despite any disability or health condition;
  • Provide a reasonable accommodation;
  • Communicate with you to determine a reasonable accommodation; and
    Allow you to take leave, if necessary

You Are Entitled to Unpaid Wages Plus Penalties for Non-Payment

Failure to pay wages and wage theft is a serious offense that may subject an employer to civil and/or criminal penalties. Wages can include but are not limited to:

  • Unpaid commissions, salary, hourly wages, overtime pay, stock options, unused vacation pay, etc.

If Your Employer is Resisting, Please Do Not Hesitate to Contact Us to Learn About Your Rights.

Employers must accommodate your health issue to allow success at your job, if such an accommodation does not pose an undue burden. Accommodations can include:

  • Intermittent leave to allow you to obtain treatment
  • Moving to a different work location, e.g., closer to a bathroom
  • Ergonomic workstation
  • Reducing your work schedule

Gender Discrimination May Manifest Itself in Different Ways.

Companies continue to deny women the same advancement opportunities. Gender discrimination includes:

  • Key clients or opportunities are assigned to male colleagues;
  • You are paid less than male counterparts for the same work; and/or
    you are micromanaged and supervised, while male colleagues are given more autonomy.

Race Discrimination May be More Covert But Just as Present as Before.

Race discrimination manifests itself when:

  • You are denied the same advancement opportunities;
  • Treated as second class; and/or
    subject to a hostile work environment

If you are discriminated against on the basis of race, take action and call us for a consultation.

You May be Entitled to Job Protected and/or Non Job Protected Leave.

Depending on various factors, you may be entitled to job protected and/or non job protected leave. In some situations, both may be combined to give you maximum leave rights. If your employer is interfering with your rights, e.g., CFRA/FMLA and/or FEHA rights. Do not wait after you are fired. Call us today.

As an Older Employee, You May Add More Value to the Company and Yet Face Undeserved Discrimination.

Age discrimination may happen if:

  • You are terminated and replaced by a substantially younger individual;
  • You are passed over for promotion in favor of a younger individual; and/or
    you observe that growth opportunities are denied

If the writing is on the wall that you are being aged out, contact our legal team.

California Protects Your Right to be Yourself and Love Who You Love.

It is illegal for an employer to:

  • Treat you differently, especially after learning of your sexual orientation;
  • Retaliate against you for asserting your rights; and/or
    Subject you to hostile comments because of your sexual orientation.

You have rights and we can help you gain full protection of the law.

Nobody Should be Punished for Where They Were Born.

In this country of immigrants, hard-working individuals have a hard time gaining acceptance. For instance

    • You are harassed because of your accent, style of dress, and/or other cultural attributes

You do not have to continue to accept such harassment. An attorney can help you gain the benefit of the law.

In this country of immigrants, hard-working individuals have a hard time gaining acceptance. For instance

During pregnancy, you generally have the right to:

  • Take pregnancy leave;
  • Take time off to bond with your child;
  • Seek pregnancy related accommodations, e.g., for breastfeeding

Do not let an employer push you out of your job with a newborn to support. Employee Rights Attorney Group can defend you.

You do not have to continue to accept such harassment. An attorney can help you gain the benefit of the law.

Don’t Let Your Employer Overstep Your Agreed Terms.

For this claim, you need a valid agreement and enforceable terms. To the extent there is an ambiguity and the company is attempting to take advantage of it to avoid its obligations, certain situations allow you to go beyond the four corners of the contract for purposes of interpretation.

Do NOT Sign a Severance Agreement Until You Speak With an Attorney

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