When Should I Call an Employment Law Attorney?

Generally, if you suspect that something is amiss at work, you should call an employment law attorney at your earliest opportunity.  Engaging a qualified attorney as quickly as possible will increase your chances of obtaining a favorable outcome because it will enable your attorney to begin building a file of important information and evidence needed to effectively represent you.

The following is a list of situations in which you are strongly encouraged to speak with an attorney immediately:

—  You were terminated and you have concerns that your termination or layoff was illegal;

—  You are being treated unfairly at work and you feel that your termination is imminent;

—  You are considering quitting your job because of your employer’s unlawful conduct;

—  You do not want to or cannot negotiate with your employer regarding severance pay;

—  You are being pressured to sign a complicated “release of claims” that you do not understand;

—  Many other employees want to bring the same type of claim against the same employer;

—  You are dissatisfied with a governmental agency’s investigation of your complaint;

—  You have strong evidence that your termination was illegal;

—  You are being retaliated against for complaining of workplace safety, discrimination, or harassment.



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