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We hold California’s biggest employers accountable for their unlawful actions  to obtain maximum recovery for your losses. Our firm exclusively focuses on California employment law matters.
Employment law disputes can have a severe impact on individuals’ abilities to work, earn income and enjoy life.  Our clients often come to us during the most difficult times in their lives and careers.  The aggressive and effective representation we provide helps our clients regain their professional standing.  We are personally invested in every single client who walks through our door.  Our dedication shows in our results.
Do not let fear and intimidation hold you back from standing up for yourself. California is both hailed and criticized for its generous employee rights laws. Retaining an experienced employment law attorney will give you the strength and confidence to challenge unfair treatment. 

We choose our cases selectively so that we can concentrate all our resources on developing a case strategy that is specifically tailored to meeting your goals.  From your initial consultation throughout the resolution of your matter, our attorneys will alway be responsive to your concerns and will diligently pursue the best outcome for you. 

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The Law rewards whistleblowers for speaking up.
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We will obtain ALL of your rightful compensation
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You are Entitled to the Same Chances and Opportunities at Work as Everyone Else
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No One Should Go to Work and Be Harassed
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Unpaid Wages

You are entitled to unpaid wages plus penalties for non-payment
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Severance Agreements

Do NOT sign a severance agreement until you speak with an Attorney
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