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Wrongful Termination

California is an “at-will” state, which means that not all terminations warrant legal action. If you were terminated for an illegal reason, you may be entitled to relief under the law.
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Workplace Retaliation

An employer cannot retaliate against you for engaging in select protected activities. An employer who is set on retaliating against you will likely attempt to make life difficult for you at work.
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Workplace Discrimination

Discrimination generally occurs when you are treated differently or unfairly because of select protected characteristics such as pregnancy, race, gender, national origin, medical condition, age and more.
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Sexual Harassment

No one deserves or asks to be harassed at work. All employers have a legal obligation to prevent sexual harassment. Do not let intimidation ruin your career or hold you back.
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Severance Agreements

Do not sign a severance agreement unless you fully understand what you are giving up in return.
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